Divorce is never easy . . .

But Alabama Attorney Reggie Smith can make a Escambia County uncontested divorce happen as simply, quickly and affordably as possible!

3 FLAT FEE uncontested divorce packages to choose from:

  • $249 with NO property, debt division or child custody
  • $279 with property & debt division, NO child custody
  • $379 with property, debt division and child custody

Serving all Alabama Cities & Counties since 1983

Don’t be fooled by the “Do-It-Yourself” online internet divorce form sellers who provide no legal advice or guidance.

At the Smith Law Firm every uncontested divorce is crafted to meet an individual’s specific need. Reggie handles your case to the end by securing your divorce judgment which the “Do-It-Yourself” form sellers do not provide.

For over 30 years the Smith Law Firm has been helping our Alabama divorce clients find amicable solutions while maintaining their best interests and financial security. We offer three packages for express, fast and cheap uncontested divorces.

Escambia County, Alabama Uncontested Divorce
Settlement Packages

Attorney reggie smith offers you some of the most affordable uncontested divorce prices in Alabama

NO property,
debt division
or child custody


  • Attorney prepared settlement
  • No hidden fees GUARANTEED!
  • Decree delivered to client
  • Can file outside your county
  • Affordable flat fee

Property &
debt division
NO child custody


  • Attorney prepared settlement
  • No hidden fees GUARANTEED!
  • Decree delivered to client
  • Can file outside your county
  • Affordable flat fee

debt division
and child custody


  • Attorney prepared settlement
  • No hidden fees GUARANTEED!
  • Decree delivered to client
  • Can file outside your county
  • Affordable flat fee

I look forward to speaking to you on the phone as I talk with all my clients for the personal attention their Escambia County divorce needs!

Hello! This is Alabama, Attorney at Law Reginald W. Smith. My law office offers quick and economical divorces throughout Alabama. My services are for those who know what they want and want it now!

I want you to know it is very possible to get your divorce turned in your favor very quickly. When both parties want a divorce, in most cases our office can have all documents delivered for signing on the same day.

After the documents have been signed before a Notary Public you will return them by United States Mail, UPS or FedEx. I will file your divorce with the Court electronically on the same day I receive the documents back from you. The court will hold your documents for 30 days and your divorce will be signed by the Judge over your case soon after the 30 days have passed.

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Attorney Smith is AWESOME!!! He handled my divorce very quick and stress free. Highly recommend for a divorce attorney!! He is very knowledgeable, responds in a timely manner, and he made my divorce process very easy, affordable, and quick. Thank you for making this process easy, quick, and stress free!!

Aug 2021
After engaging in a very brief and extremely toxic marriage the last thing I could mentally or emotionally bare was a complicated divorce. I first attempted to use one of the online prepare and file yourself websites and that was a nightmare! Thankfully I come across Mr. Reginald W. Smith and his heaven sent team! I cannot express how much they helped me in closing this door in my life. It was the most stress free and simple divorce I could ever ask for. They truly exceeded all my exceptions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Mr. Smith almost had to hold my hand and walk me through this whole process. Haha. He was extremely patient and professional, he answered every text that I sent him within a few minutes. As a matter of fact I asked him so many questions that if he would have sent a message and said stop texting me I would have understood completely. Haha. I recommend this law firm to anyone, when I finally got the papers to him, they were filed immediately. Thank you Mr. Smith you went above and beyond anything I could have ever hoped.

Reggie was a life saver during my divorce process. He was very professional and worked in a very timely manner. He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns, Within a few days, I had everything completed up to my divorce decree arriving in the mail. I highly recommend him if you are in need of a divorce!

Hector Diaz
Sept 2020

FIVE simple steps to your Escambia County, Alabama uncontested divorce

Once both parties agree they want an uncontested divorce and they know how they want the child custody, debts and marriage to be divided.

  • STEP 1
    Contact The Smith Law Firm and request a client interview form to be emailed.
  • STEP 2
    Complete and return interview form.
  • STEP 3
    We call you to go over your information and you pay the fee deposit.
  • STEP 4
    Papers are delivered for signing within 2 business days. Sign documents and return to us.
  • STEP 5
    The Smith Law Firm files documents with the court. You stay at home/work and do not go to court.
  • Divorce decree is final and delivered to client

Please fill out the free consultation form for your uncontested divorce

Reggie’s uncontested divorce clients receive:

  • Licensed Alabama divorce attorney Reginald “Reggie” Smith from start to final judgment.
  • Necessary telephone contact with the Smith Law Firm for your satisfaction in document preparation.
  • An affordable flat fee/fixed rate for uncontested divorce with both parties in full agreement
  • Complete attorney prepared settlement agreement valid in ALL Alabama Counties and ALL Alabama Courts
  • After completing the online questionnaire all divorce documents will be emailed to you for proof reading and corrections.
  • You can protect your privacy from hometown newspapers and let us file your divorce in another Alabama county
  • Lifetime FREE initial consultation with The Smith Law Firm on any new legal matter after your divorce
  • No hidden fees GUARANTEED!
Alabama Attorney Reggie Smith can help you take immediate action on your Escambia County uncontested divorce